Saturday, April 7, 2007

Teaching English and Debate

As a participant in the CSUWP Advanced Institute, I am going to be using this blog to explore some questions about teaching. As a beginning, I've generated three essential questions to guide my inquiry. I know that I'll be moving beyond these questions, looking deeper at aspects of some of them, and hopefully developing them into something that's worth thinking and writing about.

1. How can I use my student's existing fascination with technology to cultivate a desire to write well, an understanding of the importance of writing well, and an appreciation of good writing?

2. How can I use technology to create a forum for the cultivation of controversy in my classroom? What possibilities does technology open up that are not available to me in the classroom?

3. How can I use technology to help students express their opinions in a forum for public consumption, helping them to think about how to write an argument, how to address an audience, and how to defend a point of view in writing?