Friday, May 4, 2007

Getting Started

Thanks to Bud (and some very good advice and input from a lot of others) I am very close to getting this project off the ground. I am getting my students registered for Moodle. I am hoping that from there we can conduct our web searches, post some examples of good and bad web writing and generate some discussion toward the creation of our class rubric.

I may also be looking into 21publish as an option for posting our actual discussion about A Tale of Two Cities. Bud has suggested that it might be easier/better to keep everything in the same format which is probably true. I figure it will be worth it to at least check out 21publish to see how it works and if nothing else, expand my options for the future.

So thank you for everyone who's helped me with suggestions and ideas so far, I'll let you know how things go once this thing gets rolling!


smb said...

Jason, Glad to hear things are moving forward. Like I said earlier, I like Moodle for what I needed it for.

My school is getting new software, and I definitly want to look abd see if studetns can use blogs with the new stuff. I really want to try and have them use blogs next year. I really like how CSUWP:AI is working for all of us.

I'm curious how teachers have incorporated blogs into their classrooms. Always more to learn! ;0

Natalie said...

Oh dear, my ignorance - or perhaps innocence? - is showing. I don't know what Moddle or 21Publish are. I assume of course they're some kind of blogging tool.

I'm curious to see the parameters of "good and bad web writing" as this is unchartered territory for me.

JC Clarke said...

I have the words 21Publish in my post set up as a link to their home page, if you're interested in learning more about it. Moodle is a program that Bud has set up through PSD, so when I say that I am getting things rolling thanks to Bud, I mean seriously, he has done a lot of work for me, which is truly an amazing example of selfless dedication to the profession, to CSUWP, and to the AI!!!