Monday, September 24, 2007

Class Blog Discussion

I posted the prompts for my class blog discussion, which will be happening in early October. If you see anything that might need to be changed or can think of any additional questions, feel free to offer suggestions.

I'm sticking with the plan we came up with at our last meeting, which is to have my students write prompts for the teachers at our conference to respond to. I think I'll have them write questions about the reality show Kid Nation. It relates to Lord of the Flies, and is pretty controversial. I'm sure we'll think of a couple other relevant topics as well. I'll have the blog set up with anonymous comments enabled so there will be no need to sign in or get a blogger account. That way anyone who comes to learn about classroom blogging should be online and part of an active discussion within five minutes of coming into the room.


Julie Pretz said...

I think you have a great subject to write about. This is going to be a hot topic! Have fun.

steph said...

As I've said before, I think this will be so so so cool at the conference! So hands-on and relevant!!! I would love to see one of your class' blogs, but the prompts are cool, too!

Seems to flow pretty well so far!

smb said...

I really like what you have with the prompts. I'm wondering what kind of set up you're doing with the kids before they get on the blog.

The first question seems pretty taxing with allegory. I have an anticipation guide [I think} for LOTF. The questions on there are more conversational and debatable because they are opinion based.

However, if you've dedicated quite a bit of time in class to setting the kids up for these kinds of discussion questions, then I think you're headed in the right direction.

Oh, did you have one on there about the reality show Kid Nation? I can't remember.