Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some Old Guy with a Blog

You know, there's nothing like working with 14-17 year-olds all the time to make a guy feel old. To be honest I thought I was doing pretty well in this category. The gray is just barely starting to show, my hairline is holding tough, no premature wrinkles or anything to complain about. But not just that, I feel pretty young, too. I still listen to the latest music, I'm not stuck in the eighties or anything. I keep up with pop culture and *used* to think of myself as at least reasonably cool.

But that was yesterday--in the days of my youth. Now I'm just some old guy with a blog.

You see, I teach in a "cottage" as I've mentioned before, which is actually a double-wide trailer containing two classrooms which are connected by a closet. In that closet I have been storing my TV because I've been using some multimedia lately. Well, I was pushing my TV into the closet for safe keeping when I overhead a conversation in the room next door. It was obvious immediately that my trailer-mate was gone and two girls were in his room talking.

"Hey, I wonder what's in the closet." I heard one of them ask.

"Go see," responded the other, with an excitedly curious tone.

The next second the door opened and I nodded hello to the girl who stood there and looked at me like I was the last thing in the world she had expected to see. She didn't say a thing, turned around and the door swung shut behind her.

"What's in there?" I heard the other voice ask through the door.

"Some old guy with a TV."

I promise I'll post my class blog prompts soon, but I thought this was an anecdote worth sharing :-)


Natalie said...

Jason, tough blow to the old ego - but anyone over 20 is an "old guy" these days. Bask in the advantages of wisdom that come with life experience and age and reset your internal mirror. Getting older beats the alternative!

rambandgeek said...

So is the whole "stuck in the 80's" comment related to the rest of us in the department? :) And if you are old, the rest of us must be ancient! :)